Fun city

Fun never stops in Fun City. Come, Play! Funcity’s entertainment centers typically include activities designed to encourage imaginative play, social and pretend play opportunities and role-play along with fine-motor skill development and other open-ended play opportunities, including those found in a great indoor playground. Great emphasis is given towards offering a unique blend of games and activities in open and spacious facilities.Our staff is carefully selected and often has a degree in Education and has experiences in dealing with children of all age groups. Our customers literally grow before our eyes and make us a part of their life and celebrations. Fun has many faces at Fun City. Fun n Learn area for children age 0-4 provides avenues for mental and physical development of a child.

The softplay area called PlayZone provides a safe and secure place to slide, run, climb, jump around and enjoy. Birthday parties are the perfect get-togethers that make every moment for family and friends a whole lot more fun and memorable. We revel in the happiness of others. While doing so, we have ensured that the entertainment experiences that we provide are wholesome, allowing a scope to learn while having fun. Funcity is a member of the Landmark Group, a retail giant that operates in 15 countries.