Lost and found


  1. cash Rs 10/-
  2. cash Rs 150/-
  3. one silver payal
  4. One ladies wrist watch Gold colour
  5. one mobile cover new worth Rs 550/-
  6. one tea cup brand Hyundai
  7. one sun glass gold colour frame
  8. one Flashk half ltr


  1. Lunch box plastic 02 nos
  2. one ladies  leather bag with inside 02 wallet & 01power glass
  3. Cash Rs 30/- only
  4. one ladies hand bag with gash Rs 50/- only
  5. one toy car
  6. One Gents wallet with cash Rs 544/-
  7. Cash Rs 30/- only
  8. one small size baby payal with colour stones 
  9. Nokia mobile basic model
  10. one silver payal


  1. cash Rs 10/-
  2. one Titan ladies wrist watch Gold colour
  3. Vermoda cover with new cloths
  4. one ladies wallet with cash Rs 24/-
  5. one LEYA ladies wrist watch gold colour

JULY 2018

  1. Cash Rs 100/-
  2. one baby doll
  3. one gents wrist watch
  4. one black colour Helmet
  5. one ladies wrist watch
  6. Cash Rs 250/-
  7. one ladies wrist watch
  8. one child silver payal single

MAY 2018

  1. one lenova power bank - 06.05.18
  2. gents wallet with cash Rs 305/-01 ATM card - 08.05.18
  3. one ladies wallet with cash Rs 244/- & 04 home key - 26.05.18
  4. one baby bag with Rs 9/ - 26.05.18
  5. one baby Trolley - 29.05.18

APRIL 2018

  1. one Jockey cover with Shorts 02 pices - 08.04.18
  2. New travel bag orentina - 22.04.18
  3. one silver payal singal (child)- 29.04.18

MARCH 2018

  1. Huawei Mobile - 22.03.18
  2. One samsung mobile basic model - 29.03.18
  3. one children cricket bat - 29.03.18


  1. one gents wallet with cash Rs 317/-, 01 Aadhar , 01  Atm card. - 06.02.18
  2. one Gionee Mobile - 20.02.18
  3. Cash Rs. 50/- 22.02.18
  4. Cash Rs. 1000/- 26.02.18


  1. Cash Rs. 122/- 03.01.18


  1. Cash Rs. 500/- 15.12.17
  2. Cash Rs 10/- 30.12.17


Lost and Found Items

Lost and Found items lost or found throughout the Mall are handled by the Security Department.

If the item was left in a particular store, we recommend contacting that store directly and are happy to assist as needed.

It is important that you report the loss as soon as possible.

If you are reporting an item that was lost more than two weeks ago, please email to the ID given below.

Lost items which are found in the Mall and not claimed within 3 months will be disposed off appropriately after evaluating the item by the Management of Mall. No further claim will be entertained in such a case and no liablity will be fastened on the EA for such disposed items.

Lost items found in the Mall and which are perishable in nature will be accordingly disposed off by the Management of the Mall.

Please call or email and make an appointment to pick up the items.

The management and staff at EA are not responsible for the condition/damage/validity period of the items.

Reclaiming Lost Property – Terms & Conditions

The Lost and Found staff will secure all found items and make every effort to search and locate potential owners.

While collecting the items the below terms must be followed.

1. If the claimant properly identifies his/her lost items, they may pick them up during the normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 10 a.m.to 10 p.m.

2. We require picture ID of the claimant at time of pick up.

3. Representatives of the owners may pick up items with proper identification and verified permission of owners.

Contacting Lost & Found Desk

You can contact us regarding Lost or Found items by sending us an e-mail to securityhead@expressavenue.in

Or Call in to our Help Desk at +91 44 28464656 between 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The Help Desk is open only during weekdays.